Sunday, February 9, 2020

Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucioism Research Paper

Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucioism - Research Paper Example This was around the 6th and 4th centuries, but the religion has many branches as teachings. The religion has various books about each of the practices, which are observed by different followers depending on the station within the faith. Buddha was born in Nepal and an astrologer foretold that he would become a great king or a holly man. His father wanted him to be a king but at the age of 29, he went out of the palace and saw the suffering that people went through especially the sick, common people and also he met one holly man who was at peace with the world. This experience made him to abandon the royal life and to take up a spiritual life (Jinpa, 7). He went to learn from the religious leaders of his tome and he mastered how meditate but and when he discovered that it could not cure suffering permanently he continued searching and engaged in pronged fasting, breath-holding and exposure to pain. He almost starved himself to fatality inn the process, but he decided to settle for med itation to avoid the extremes. At the time, he ended his suffering and received rebirth he claimed to have received enlightened. He then attracted followers at the age of 35 years, he spent the rest of his life teaching the enlightenment, and He died at the 80 in India Means action called Karma and work and is the force that drives the cycle of suffering and rebirth of every being. It holds that there exist good work and bad works in society. Each action good or bad produces sees in the minds, which also bear fruits in this life or the next life after rebirth. It appeals to people to have ethical works in the body speech and mind. All intentions come from which later bear fruits from that mind. The forgives for ones conduct is not allowed in some teaching of Rebirth holds that all being go through a series of stages in different lifetimes starting from life to dearth. That one does not have a permanent self. Since rebirth is, a continuous process determines by the actions of an indi vidual. Every rebirth takes place within hell, ghosts, human beings, low deities, and gods. However, any Buddhist practitioners can obtain rebirth into higher levels. It teaches individuals to have good morals and perform good works so that they may be reborn into a good state in the next stage in life. It holds that all beings crave pleasure while at the same time avoiding pain from birth to death. The Buddhist helps in eliminating the pain and conditions that may lead to rebirth into pain. The causes of suffering and their solutions in life itself lead to pain and suffering in one way or another. It teaches that to avoid suffering is usually caused by craving for what does not exist; one should stops the illusions or attained the enlightenment The Noble truth that prevents suffering and attains wisdom, which purifies the mind and living in the reality. Morality and ethics is possible by abstaining from bad deeds, by avoiding harming others. Mental discipline achieved through medit ation, which helps one to master the mind and making effort to improve. It shapes on to live better life by being occupies with good deed that leads to a better rebirth. The religion assists individuals on how to avoid pain and how to leave better, not only in this life but also

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