Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Group and team dynamics personal experience Essay

Group and team dynamics personal experience - Essay Example It came to my attention that for the teams within the organization to perform effectively, it was imperative that the organization had to comprehend the concept of teams, their working, the advantages and disadvantages of employees working in teams. My responsibility as a corpsman required that at times I had to work and coordinate my services by networking with various battalions. The duties and responsibilities I was tasked with required cross battalion coordination to ensure that the goals were attained. Working with various teams required appropriate leadership and team management skills for the organizational resources to be exploited adequately. As a leader of a team, I was increasingly dependent on the cross battalion teams for knowledge, expertise and skills to ensure that the goals of the organization were achieved. The teams I worked with from various battalions were differentiated through geographic boundaries and the diverse cultural backgrounds of the employees. Nonethel ess, the organization managers within the battalions necessitated integration mechanisms, which ensured that the differences among the employees were understood and coordinated well. As a result, the teams we worked with were well-structured to realize long-term goals and objectives of the Marine and Naval operations. My personal experience in group and team dynamics during my career experience is discussed and evaluated critically with an emphasis on my current employment position. Section I: Workplace Experience In my career path, I have had an exemplary experience working with and leading approximately 1300 Marines in delivering medical care and services. My responsibilities and duties were inclined towards leading a team of five junior Corpsmen and Medics to ensure that medical care was delivered to the employees within the camps as scheduled and required by the organization. The team was tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that all immunizations within the camp were up t o date. This was important as it was a prerequisite for the Marines to be deployed or combat ready. Failure to update all immunizations would hamper the activities of the camp severely because Marines would not be combat ready. Personally I was tasked with the responsibility of writing annual and biannual evaluation reports for the team I was in charge of, which consisted of five junior Corpsmen. As a leader, I had an obligation to lead and motivate my team members and other employees within the camps. In addition, my responsibilities called for collective coordination and exchange of ideas through which I had to keep in touch with the senior Marines, the platoon Sergeants. It was essential to work with the senior Marines during the coordination of all junior Marines into the Battalion aid station to update their immunization. Accomplishing such responsibilities effectively demanded for elements of leadership in me because at times the schedules of various Marines did not coincide, and this implied that the Battalion would be out of immunization. As a leader, I had the responsibility of visiting other employees in different battalion aid stations to plan and harmonize the schedules for immunization. I worked in the Navy for eight years of which I had the opportunity to lead

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